What Should You Do If Your Child Is Distressed In Nursery School?

The daily school drop-off can be troublesome for children who don’t like separation. So, you’ll often hear a child complaint about noy going to school. However, recent study shows that the underlying reason for this issue could be something else. The constant reason to avoid kid’s nursery could indicate a deeper problem. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), fear affects 2 to 5 percent of school-age children disturbing their mental health. And the recent lockdowns and isolations have certainly not made things easier.

Some of the top nurseries in Dubai, like Mosaic Nursery, are trying to help both parents and children to the best of their abilities. We want to make the transition to school life as easy as possible. So, here is some information for families to understand distress among children better.

Signs Your Toddler is Distressed:

Signs of stress vary in every individual and the same applies to toddlers. However, kids often struggle to express their true emotions. As a result, you would often see a change in behavior and mood swings. This is why most nurseries hire exceptional staff that can help keep an eye at the behavioral changes depicted by students. As soon as an expert find something alarming, we decide to have a parent teacher assessment to manage the situation before it escalates. Here are some signs that you may notice if your child is going through a difficult time.

Night terrors:

Look out for excessive nightmares or sleep walking. This usually shows anxiety and stress among kids. As a response to trauma, children have trouble sleeping and get frequent bad dream.


Anger is another common reaction to stress. Children express their agitation to certain situation in the form of physical aggression. Such episodes may include hitting, kicking, biting, shouting and screaming.

Bed wetting:

Another way to express insecurity of anxiety is by missing toilet cues. This could happen at home or in the daytime, at the kid’s nursery.

Eating disorder:

If you notice a sudden change in the appetites of your child, consider it a sign of stress. This could include both eating less or more than usual.

How can we help?

If your child demonstrates any of the above-mentioned signs at the nursery, address the issue as soon as possible. There are several actions you can take to help feel more comfortable and secure.

Firstly, acknowledge their emotions. Avoid rushing things and dismissing their feelings. Preschools like Mosaic Nursery in are highly cooperative when it comes to a child’s mental and emotional health. You can reach out to the class teacher and try to get to the root cause of the problem.

Next step is to remain calm in the face of your child’s distress. Speak kindly and show your love and support. However, you need to stay firm at the same time. Don’t give in to your child’s fear of going to the preschool. Let them know that they have to go to the nursery and that things will get better. The staff at reputable nurseries in Dubai, UAE completely understand such situations and are ready to fully cooperate with the parents.

Be empathetic and patient with your child through these tough times. With a little extra efforts from parents and teachers, your child will soon begin to enjoy their preschool.

Originally published at https://www.buzzfeed.com on September 6, 2021.




Faraz Ahmed Computer programmer. Professional Web Developer and experienced with skilled in #SEO, #SEM, Executive & Digital Media Marketing Mavens. #farazahmed

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Faraz Ahmed Rizwan

Faraz Ahmed Rizwan

Faraz Ahmed Computer programmer. Professional Web Developer and experienced with skilled in #SEO, #SEM, Executive & Digital Media Marketing Mavens. #farazahmed

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