Preschool Admissions Tips from Experts, Teachers, and Moms Who’ve Been There

Searching for the best nurseries in Dubai isn’t easy. And once you successfully find your favorite one, getting your children admitted there can be a big hassle. As much as you want to give your children the best experience of early educational years, searching for the “right” institute can narrow down to a few many factors that may affect your final decision.

Most preschools in Dubai are KDHA approved; hence it assures you of quality education being offered there. But what exactly should you be looking for in a nursery? What makes the best nurseries in Dubai actually the BEST? Here are a few preschool admission tips straight from experts, teachers and moms that might help you in the decision-making process:

Start Early

When you are completely sure of when to send your kid to a preschool, start searching for nurseries a year before that. This will help you narrow down your options and make the right decision when the time comes by.


Although you may be very much impressed by a preschool kilometers away from your home, but remember, sending off your kids to a place that is distant will simply exhaust them. Look for a playschool that is good yet at a decent distance from your residence.

Price and Affordability

One of the best practical approaches when looking for a preschool or a nursery is to know their fee structure. Why? Because this isn’t something that you’ll be paying one time only! Know your family’s income and match it with the price. If affordability is the result achieved, go ahead and get your child enrolled there!

Stay Organized

Keep a close eye on the admission dates and fill the forms carefully. And most importantly, get prepared for the interview!

Personal Visits

Well, if one preschool hasn’t impressed your friend, it may not be the case with you necessarily. Once you have made a list of nurseries, no matter big or small, famous or infamous, visit them personally and choose the one which suits you the best.

Talk to the Management

Personal visit to playschools and talking to the management can help ease out the process. You may easily gain more information about their curriculum, working hours and standard of education, which is of courser crucial for decision making while choosing the institution for your kids.

Respect the Procedures

Some nurseries enroll kids at a younger age while others go for bigger kids. Where some may go for a lottery based admission process, other nurseries may put in front a difficult test to choose only the best. Every preschool has a different admission procedure so rather than getting upset over it, relax, understand and go with the flow.

Amongst all, Mosaic Nursery is one place that makes it all easier for you. From admission process to providing quality education, this best nursery in Dubai believes in making education easier and fun for everyone, thus you need not to look any further!

Preschool Admissions Guide

Have you found the right place for your child to start off with their early childhood educational years? Even if so, things still hasn’t gotten any easy for you! The admission process for preschools Dubai differs from one to another.

Visit any nursery in Dubai and you’ll be shocked to see the complicated and time consuming process of getting your kid enrolled there. Hence, how to make things easy for yourself? Here is a quick guide that will help you get through the admission process:

1. Target for the right age

If your kid just turned 2 and you’re more than happily wanting to send him/her to a playschool, stop and think again! Dubai preschools do not take kids under the age of 4 or 5 years. Thus, trying to get admission in such a nursery will just waste your time.

Instead, choose a preschool that actually takes child of such a small age. Do you research and then approach the early childhood education center for guidance.

2. Applications

Before the classes commence or the admission test is conducted, parents need to submit the admission application. All the preschools have different application submission dates, thus whichever preschool you have chosen, keep a track when admissions open there and start handing out the forms.

3. The Test date and Interview

Fill the application form right, attach the documents if any are needed and submit it before the final date. Next, you’ll be given a test date for which you need to prepare your child for. The test includes both oral and written aspects, hence, prepare your child accordingly.

And if fortunately your kid passes the test, next you’ll be given a date for the interview, which includes questioning both the child and parents before admission is given.

4. Submitting the Fee

Once your child is successful in gaining admission, now comes the fee stage. The nursery will provide you with the fee voucher which includes admission fee, security and all details, and yes, needs to be paid before the last date.

To ensure your kid gets a place in the right preschool, you need to remain patient through the time consuming admission process and prepare for it.

What should my child know before going to preschool?

If you’re planning to send your child to a preschool, prepare them accordingly. You can either send them off to tuition centers who prepare for these institutes or teach them at home.

A toddler whose about to seek admission in a playgroup doesn’t need to know big words. Writing a few alphabets and numbers and recognizing them along with a few shapes and colors is all that you need. Remember, do not overburden your child with information, take it slow, and let them enjoy their childhood.

If you’re looking for a nursery with an easy and smooth admission process, a preschool that teaches your child with dedication and love, choose Mosaic Nursery. Because this place believes in making learning fun so you kids learn new things every day without feeling bored or burdened!

What Supplies Does My Child Need For Preschool?

Is your child about to start school? If yes, the joy felt by a parent cannot be expressed in words. Because most preschools offering early childhood education do not just focus on games and activities. It is necessary to prepare your child for actual learning by providing them with the right stuff.

For parents of first-time-school-going-kids what things to send along with the child and what not to can be pretty confusing. So if you have searched Dubai preschools to find the best school for your child, here is a guide that will help you prepare for it:

1. Backpack

This is pretty understandable, right? Even if your child enrolled in a nursery in Dubai, you’ll send them off with something like a pack of chips, a water-bottle, and a stationery box, of course! Hence, they won’t be carrying it in their bare hands. All the supplies need to safely and neatly pack inside a backpack.

Choose a backpack that is small yet spacious and carry all the necessary stuff for your children.

2. Lunch

All the playing and learning will surely make the children hungry. Although most preschools in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery have their canteens offering hygienic food, it is always better to pack a few healthy items in the backpack of your child, something he/she likes to munch on!

3. Water Bottle

Whether it is summer or winter, when you send your kid to their favorite institution, Mosaic Nursery, do not forget to pack their spill-less water bottle. Because after all, learning can make them thirsty!

4. Stationery Box

Even if the preschool emphasizes coloring only, do give your child a stationary box full of all necessary supplies including an eraser, pencil, sharpener, and colors. This is so they do not have to borrow anything from their peers and can complete their work on time!

5. Extra Clothes

Preschool children are little adults who still are learning the basic manners of eating and drinking. While enjoying their lunch, these little angels can ruin their clothes. Thus, it is important for parents for smaller kids to always pack a set of extra clothes for their kid, in case he/she ends up spoiling the other one.

6. Extra diaper, wipes, or underwear

If the child isn’t potty-trained, the parents need to pack extra diapers, otherwise, for a toilet-trained child, an extra set of underwear should be necessary.

7. Medicine

This is for parents of special children or kids who some sort of life-threatening ailment. If your child is asthmatic or has a gluten allergy or is lactose intolerance, ALWAYS place their medicine in the backpack and inform the teacher what to do in case of an emergency.

8. Nap material

Although Mosaic Nursery has all the supplies that make your child’s stay with them comfortable, even then, you as a parent should ensure you send all the supplies that can make your child’s nap time comfortable and soothing, including a sheet and blanket which they like.




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Faraz Ahmed Rizwan

Faraz Ahmed Rizwan

Faraz Ahmed Computer programmer. Professional Web Developer and experienced with skilled in #SEO, #SEM, Executive & Digital Media Marketing Mavens. #farazahmed

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