Is Dubai A Good Place For Real Estate Investment?

All the points listed below indicate only one possible answer to this question, and the answer is a big YES!

Is Dubai A Good Place For Real Estate Investment?

UAE’s world is amazing. Yearly sunshine, desert safaris, stunning beaches, enormous shopping malls and a swarm of breath taking infrastructures including Burj Khalifa, etc., with these, UAE never fails to fascinate tourists when they long for a memorable vacation. Here is to why you should be saying YES to investment in Dubai real estate!

✦ Excellent returns on investment in real estate

In UAE cosmopolitan market, there is a great opportunity for real estate investment. In Dubai the market prices are still relatively low as compared to other global cities. Dubai is considered as the New York of Middle east. It is because it offers its citizens high-end leisure amenities and business opportunities with outstanding location and cost.

Is Dubai A Good Place For Real Estate Investment?

You can easily buy a huge property in Dubai with a million dollar, but with the same money that is not possible in cities like London, New York, etc. With the increasing number of tourists every year and demand for residential and rental properties, investment in Dubai real estate is definitely to go for!

✦ Free zone area for foreigners and expats

Since 1999, many foreign investors have taken advantage of this expats/foreigners friendly policy. Majority of the foreigners have invested in residential and commercial properties. They have also leased the property out. This enables them to get good investment returns and also gets to enjoy the luxury lifestyle of Dubai whenever they come to collect their rental revenue. So if you are a foreigner, what are you waiting for?

✦ Rising tourism, thus strong economy

✦ 100% tax-free salary

✦ Housing demand

As a real estate expert, Aeon and Trisl believes that the ups and downs of real estate business are related directly or indirectly with tourism sector. Therefore buying luxury apartments, commercial or residential spaces, affordable apartments, villas, etc., close to famous recreational parks or developments would be a safe and great investment, as properties in such places in Dubai are always in demand. Browse our website to own such properties.

So if you are considering investing in Dubai real estate, don’t wait further. Do it now! Because this is the perfect time to invest in Dubai properties. Contact Aeon and Trisl for further information.